Semi-Permanent Cosmetic Micro pigmentation

micro pigmentation resultsThe following explains in a little more detail some of the procedures as well as After Care Instructions for Semi-Permanent Cosmetic Micro pigmentation.

Like with any beauty procedure, micro pigmentation is a bio-process, which means you should not expect immediate results and have patience while your body adjusts to changing influences and effects. It will be a few weeks before you can fully appreciate the results and guaranteed, you will love it.
  • Shape and Color
Immediately after the procedure the area treated will look much darker and much more defined than when the final results set in. Be prepared for the color to be significantly lighter and the overall appearance much softer and more natural after healing. This transition takes time based upon how quickly the outer layer of your skin exfoliates.
Usually the exfoliation (peeling) process takes about 4 to 5 days and will be complete after about day 7. At that point the contrast between the initial intense and dark color and the new softer and lighter color may be such that you may even think that it has faded more than you would like. No Worries! This is normal and is the purpose for your six to eight week follow-up appointment.
At that time the design and color will be adjusted to your liking. We can add very easily, but it is much more difficult to remove! You must wait at least 6 weeks between applications. Touching up micro pigmentation prematurely may damage your results or possibly result in scarring.
  • Eyebrows Information and After Care
Immediately post-procedure, your eyebrows will appear to be too dark, too thick and with the look of an unnatural “drawn on” appearance. After the healing is complete you will be able to appreciate the color and softness of your eyebrows. Most of the time they will actually be too light, which will be corrected during the six or eight week follow up appointment, which is the “finishing session”.
After Care
During the healing period (1 week) apply a thin coat of ointment 2-3 times a day. If your brows are too dark after 24 hours, you may soften their appearance by dabbing on a small amount of face powder after applying the ointment. Be sure to use only a clean makeup and brush so that you do not contaminate the site and create an infection!
 To remove make up, clean the area using only baby oil or mild soap and water. Be gentle and blot dry. Avoid direct exposure to the sun to prevent premature or excessive fading of color.
Do not soak in water or let strong shower stream hit your eyebrows. Blot gently to dry.
A suggestion: During the morning and evening of the first week you may brew tea bags in hot water for 5 minutes. Then place the teabags in ice water. When cold, place the teabags over each eyebrow for 10 minutes. You may store your tea bags in a baggy and keep them in the refrigerator. Repeat this process whenever you feel the need. This same tea bag compress is also good for puffy eyes. After the healing is complete you may resume regular care.
The use of sunscreen is recommended to prevent fading. If you use foundation, you will find that you are “hiding” your eyebrows. Just take a cotton swab dipped in baby oil and gently wipe the foundation from your eyebrows.
  • Eyeliner Information and Care
Immediately after the procedure the eyelids will be slightly swollen. Because of the swelling, the eyeliner will appear to be much thicker and sometimes distorted. The color may also appear extremely dark, even when soft colors are used. DO NOT WORRY!
In 2-3 days the liner will be reduced to the desired thickness and will be more even, as the swelling goes down. Despite this, the color may remain dark until the healing process is complete (approximately 7 days). At this point your eyeliner may be too light, uneven, “not enough”, etc. Again, as with eyebrows, when you return for your “perfecting session” six to eight weeks later we can adjust color and design to your liking.
If the swelling persists beyond 48 hours or becomes worse, or if the eyes become inflamed (red, itchy, watery) you must call Lashem-n-Leavem so that appropriate eye drops may be recommended. This is a very rare occurrence, but can develop in patients with extremely sensitive eyes.
  • Eyeliner After Care
Immediately after the procedure and for the first 24 hours, brew tea bags in hot water for 5 minutes. Place teabags in ice water. When cold, place the teabags over each eye for 10 minutes. You may store your tea bags in a baggy and keep them in the refrigerator. A tea bag compress is also good for puffy eyes. During the healing period: Apply a small amount of aquaphor or generic equivalent with a cotton swab each morning and evening. To clean use only baby oil or water.
Be gentle and blot dry.  Avoid direct exposure to the sun.  Do not soak in water. After healing is complete you may resume regular care. Whenever you apply make up be sure not to cover your eyeliner.
  • Lips
SHAPE: Immediately after the procedure, lips may appear to be uneven or crooked, due to the natural swelling. Please do not be concerned. The swelling diminishes (24-48 hours) and your lips will become evenly shaped.
COLOR: Following the micropigmentation procedure, skin on the lips will react differently than the rest of your skin. You will experience 2 stages:

1. Initial color is “too much”, until a slight peeling occurs after about 4-5 days.
2. The color is then “not enough” – you may think that it is abnormal and want to come back earlier for your second application. It is very important to wait.

You Do WHAT with Eyelashes…?

Eye Lashes

Eye LashesPeople often have this reaction when I tell them what I do. How does someone fall into the Eyelash Extension Application business anyway?

Can any mature woman out there relate to the loss of eyelashes and eyebrow hair as age creeps in or menopause (natural or surgical) robs us of the physical features we have come to take for granted, those hallmarks of youth and beauty; long, full sets of eyelashes and beautifully contoured, thick and luscious eyebrows.

Well, then I do not need to explain why I was sitting in my living room on the couch with my Mac Airbook in my lap “Googling” keywords like “thinning eyebrows” “longer eyelashes” and “facial hair transplant”. I was almost frantically scouring that one eyed monster for any hope of a solution to my fading beauty quandary.

It was on that fateful day that I received quite an education on eyelash extensions, something I had never even heard of before. I learned what they are, how they’re applied, what makes them safe or unsafe, as well as their amazing ability to give the appearance of restoring at least some of that “Fountain” that was no longer bubbling forth much “Youth”.

And…it is not only the mature women who love and appreciate the look of long luscious lashes. Just one perusal of an Allure, Glamour, Self or other model-laden magazine and you come to realize that these girls couldn’t all have been born with those lashes! I know their precious little secret… Eyelash Extensions… and the good, non-damaging kind at that!

So I decided to go out and get the best training I could find in the marketplace. I passed through several levels of training with Xtremelashes ™( I then practiced until I saw eyelashes in my sleep.

I quickly became proficient at safely making other women’s eyes more youthful and beautiful and in the process became the only Directory Level Certified Eyelash Stylist in NE Florida and Southern Georgia.

In coming articles we’ll go a bit more into the difference between the “good”, the “bad” and the “ugly” when choosing the best, safest and most beautiful lash extensions in the Industry.


Tanning in the Florida Sun and Skin Beauty

Youthful Sun bathing MistakesAh, don’t you just love the feel of those warm sun rays enveloping you as you lay out on the beach listening to the gentle roll of the ocean waves, the sound of sea gulls crying overhead and small children playing on the beach? In cold days of winter such as we are having now, we long for the warmth and fun of a Florida summer. I don’t know about you but I did not come to Fernandina Beach for 29 degree temperatures with wind chills in the single digits! Continue reading “Tanning in the Florida Sun and Skin Beauty”

Are All Eyelash Extensions the Same?

Billy afterEarlier this year the American Academy of Ophthalmology took its cue from a Consumer Reports article about eyelash extensions and published their position on the use and dangers of eyelash extensions.

While the warnings regarding heaviness of false lashes, risk of allergy to adhesives and dangers of unsanitary conditions and techniques are valid, many articles and reports fail to be complete, comprehensive or fair in their report by including “both sides” of the story. Please allow me to provide that for you here and now. Continue reading “Are All Eyelash Extensions the Same?”

What is it that Really Creates Value?

Lashem-n-Leavem Eyelash Extensions Before and After PicturesI recently received a phone call from a woman who identified herself as an esthetician and who, quite abruptly, began a dart-like inquiry into my eyelash business asking why it was I felt that my eyelash extension procedures were better than any of the other stylists in the area.

It was obvious from the question that she had not seen my work or she would not have wasted her time or mine bringing this up. But I decided to patiently indulge her. So I began formulating a polite but articulate response attempting to describe my many years of experience and the quality that I put into my work, as I was certain this would satisfy her and settle the whole matter. Unfortunately, it did not. Continue reading “What is it that Really Creates Value?”

What is the Make-Up of Make-Up?

Sandy Feet make up referenceEven in a recession the Business of Beauty embracing such fields as skincare, hair care, eyelash extensions, anti-aging and cosmetics do very well. Makeup alone is a $40 Billion a year business in just the US by itself. Yes you read it right!  And globally, in 2010 the cosmetic industry alone experienced a record $170 Billion a year total revenue. 
It certainly underscores that even in a prolonged recession people want to look their best, something I can testify to in my salon. Continue reading “What is the Make-Up of Make-Up?”

MRI Safety and Permanent Cosmetics

We love doing eyelash extension procedures for our clients here at Lashem-n-Leavem Eyelash Extensions & Facial Beauty! Through the years we have learned that our clients also enjoy the effect of “complete beauty” when we add a well designed, artistically applied set of permanent makeup eyebrows. The combination of Eyelash Extensions and Permanent Cosmetic eyebrows results in a truly transformational facial beauty enhancement.

Occasionally clients will ask regarding the safety of having an MRI procedure after having permanent cosmetics applied. This is, in fact, an excellent question and we are happy to provide the most accurate and up to date information on that topic. Continue reading “MRI Safety and Permanent Cosmetics”

The Art in Make Up Artistry

A Special Bridal LookA makeup artist is first and foremost an artist, who has chosen the human body as the medium for expression. However in contrast to the Tattoo Artist, a Make Up artist applies temporary beauty.
This of course makes Make Up Artistry a very personal experience between the artist and the recipient. Outside of applying makeup and prosthetics for theatrical, television, film, fashion, magazines and other similar productions including all aspects of the modeling industry, there is the commercial world of mostly women who look for special event make up artistry.
Those special events can range from Weddings and Romantic Evenings out to Job Interviews and Stage presentations. Try me out for your next Halloween or Costume Party and you’ll be the Hit of the Evening.

Continue reading “The Art in Make Up Artistry”

Micro Current Face and Body Sculpting

Micro Current Therapy ResultsMicro Current Face and Body Sculpting is a therapy known as mild electrical stimulation, micro currents, that mimics and works synergistically with the body’s own electrical system. With micro current therapy a chemical reaction occurs at the cellular level to increase the body’s efficiency in the manufacture and use of adenosine triphoshate (also known as ATP), the protein needed by the body to produce energy. “For muscles to contract they need the energy that comes from ATP…the only energy source that muscles have to power their activity and these muscle fibers store only a limited supply of ATP. So, micro current therapy plays a crucial role in cell metabolism and plumping up those slack muscles. Continue reading “Micro Current Face and Body Sculpting”