Frequently Asked Questions on Eye Lash Extensions

lashem-n-leavem.comLike most people these days I get lots of phone calls while driving, often with questions about procedures and conditions. And since I’m trying to be a safe driver I decided to look at ways to limit these calls, especially when callers can have easy access to answers to their questions. And this is why I moved “Frequently Asked Questions about Eye Lash Extensions” to the home page of my website. One click and the answers show up. Continue reading “Frequently Asked Questions on Eye Lash Extensions”

Anti-Aging Through Facial Artistry

Lashem and Leavem Aging SolutionsIn my business I offer eyelash extension procedures, permanent cosmetics, micro current skin tightening for face and body and dermatological anti-aging skin care regimens that effectively reduce fine lines, wrinkles and hyper pigmentation.

Many women make appointments to come in for a first time beauty consultation. Often the client will say; “tell me what you would recommend for me, what would you do different to make me look better (or younger)?”
A loaded question, wouldn’t you say?
I have learned the safest thing to do is answer that question with a question:  “If you could change anything at all about your appearance, what would it be?”
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Does Micro Current Therapy Work?

Before and after Microcurrent therapyJudge for yourself in these pictures if micro current therapy works. It’s absolutely amazing. I had a client come to Lashem-n-Leavem’s studio requesting information regarding MicroCurrent therapy. Usually, I will provide a free “sample” treatment to clients who are genuinely interested in purchasing a series. The purpose is to determine up front, before the client spends money on this therapy, whether they will have results. The client’s goal was to firm and tone the abdomen after several pregnancies. I decided to perform a “test” treatment first.

After taking the before photos, I performed a 40 minute Microcurrent abdominal treatment and upon completion, I took the after photos. The results achieved in just one session were nothing short of amazing. (See Photos at the bottom) As a therapy for toning and tightening muscle and skin this particular procedure continues to impress and amaze me. Continue reading “Does Micro Current Therapy Work?”

We Don’t Enter the Future, We Create It.

Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals Logo

Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals LogoRecently we joined the ranks of the Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals, an organization that was founded in 1990 and is now the largest non-profit professional association in the United States and internationally for the permanent cosmetics industry, also known as permanent makeup.

The Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals is dedicated to promoting permanent makeup safety, excellence, and professional standards by providing education, certification, and industry guidelines.

Permanent cosmetic, permanent makeup, or micropigmentation; although the titles describing the service may differ within the industry, the service is the same – cosmetic tattooing. Permanent cosmetics is a specialized service within mainstream beauty industries offering everyone the opportunity to look their best at all times or to look to the permanent cosmetic service to assist with overcoming the results of medical procedures or trauma to the skin.

The SPCP membership represents professionals in the industry who are dedicated to promoting the ideals and standards of the SPCP, offering permanent cosmetics that are conducted in accordance with safety standards specific to the permanent cosmetic process, and those who stay abreast of and participate in industry activities.

The SPCP Trainer and Supplier members adhere to the highest standards and requirements of the industry. These standards are self-imposing being that these members are the ones developing them so as to continually deliver the highest quality education, services, equipment, pigments, and supplies available to the industry.

As a lifelong health professional with several specializations I am particularly critical on issues of professional certification. A Permanent Cosmetics Technician Certification is a critical element associated with professional permanent cosmetic services. The general public, regulators, and those in related industries recognize professional certification to indicate the permanent cosmetic (permanent makeup) professional demonstrates sound fundamental knowledge. Having been tested against their peers, these highly regarded professionals are proudly displaying their CPCP credentials as a mark of distinction.