You Do WHAT with Eyelashes…?

Eye Lashes

Eye LashesPeople often have this reaction when I tell them what I do. How does someone fall into the Eyelash Extension Application business anyway?

Can any mature woman out there relate to the loss of eyelashes and eyebrow hair as age creeps in or menopause (natural or surgical) robs us of the physical features we have come to take for granted, those hallmarks of youth and beauty; long, full sets of eyelashes and beautifully contoured, thick and luscious eyebrows.

Well, then I do not need to explain why I was sitting in my living room on the couch with my Mac Airbook in my lap “Googling” keywords like “thinning eyebrows” “longer eyelashes” and “facial hair transplant”. I was almost frantically scouring that one eyed monster for any hope of a solution to my fading beauty quandary.

It was on that fateful day that I received quite an education on eyelash extensions, something I had never even heard of before. I learned what they are, how they’re applied, what makes them safe or unsafe, as well as their amazing ability to give the appearance of restoring at least some of that “Fountain” that was no longer bubbling forth much “Youth”.

And…it is not only the mature women who love and appreciate the look of long luscious lashes. Just one perusal of an Allure, Glamour, Self or other model-laden magazine and you come to realize that these girls couldn’t all have been born with those lashes! I know their precious little secret… Eyelash Extensions… and the good, non-damaging kind at that!

So I decided to go out and get the best training I could find in the marketplace. I passed through several levels of training with Xtremelashes ™( I then practiced until I saw eyelashes in my sleep.

I quickly became proficient at safely making other women’s eyes more youthful and beautiful and in the process became the only Directory Level Certified Eyelash Stylist in NE Florida and Southern Georgia.

In coming articles we’ll go a bit more into the difference between the “good”, the “bad” and the “ugly” when choosing the best, safest and most beautiful lash extensions in the Industry.


Lashes don’t lie when using AMPLIFeye

Suzii's Eyes after 10 days on AMPLIFeye

Suzii's Eyes after 10 days on AMPLIFeyeNothing makes a product more believable than proof supplied by a happy customer.
After two years of being a faithful “addict” of eyelash extensions, Sweden’s Suziie Hawsho sacrificed her primary obsession for a personal experiment with AMPLIF·eye Lash & Brow Fortifier.  – Last April 21st, Suziie had her eyelash extensions removed and added the AMPLIF·eye treatment to her daily routine. After 10 days of mostly twice a day use (she admits to missing one evening), Suziie shared her initial results.
The manufacturer of AMPLIF·eye touts that visible results usually begin to be seen in as little as two weeks, but as witnessed by the pictures from Suziie, there’s already a visible difference in her lashes after just 10 days. Compared with the lower picture, her lashes look thicker and darker, and new lash growth can be seen around the edges.

It takes 6-8 weeks to see the full results from AMPLIF·eye so if you’re on the regimen, don’t stop once you start seeing results – it gets even better!
We’re looking forward to checking in on Suziie’s progress as time passes and we’d love to hear about yours, too!

If you are an AMPLIF·eye addict, post a comment below about your personal experience!

Beauty and the Beast

The Tragic History of Unlicensed Eye Lash Extensions

The Tragic History of Unlicensed Eye Lash ExtensionsBeauty and the Beast, or…To what “Lengths” should we go for Longer Eyelashes? Beautiful, natural looking eyelashes have reached near obsession status with women for almost as long as there have been women and mirrors.  The use of ores and red lead to darken brows and blush the cheeks can be traced back to the time of the ancient Egyptians.  The ancient Greeks would use ground charcoal mixed with olive oil for eye shadow and powdered iron oxide for rouge.

But fast-forward to the early 1930s in the US and we find a more recent and sordid history of American women being harmed, even blinded by cosmetics designed to enhance the appearance of the eye’s lashes and brows. Women purchased and used cosmetics that were developed, marketed and sold for face and eye enhancement and that today are banned by the Food Drug & Cosmetic Act.

  • The Fate of Mrs. Brown

One outstanding anecdotal story that exemplifies the horror of that time and eventually led to government regulation is that of Mrs. Brown. In 1933 Mrs. Brown purchased a product from Lash-Lure, a company out of Los Angeles, for tinting lashes and brows. Lash-Lure was marketed as a cosmetic designed to make eyelashes and brows appear darker and more defined.  Lash-Lure contained an ingredient from the paraphenylenediamine family of dyes that causes corneal ulcerations and had no known antidote (JAMA, 1933). As a result, Mrs. Brown was left with permanent blindness.

As we age, our lashes become thinner, shorter and the hairs themselves become lighter in color. Longer, flirty lashes are seen as an indication of youth and beauty. One only need watch television for a short time to see commercials courting women and cultivating their desire for more, longer, thicker and better lashes. We see ads promoting mascara that “lengthens”, prescription serums that “accelerate” lash growth for “longer, fuller” eyelashes. There are other cosmetic approaches to eyelash enhancement that involve adhesives such as glue on or stick on  lash strips, clusters and eyelash extension procedures.

Certainly, one would think in our modern, over-regulated society we are far too sophisticated and safety conscious to be offering products, services or procedures that would place women’s eyes in at risk, right?

Certainly, Federal Agencies and State governments regulate the use of chemicals and adhesives that might be used in areas as sensitive and serious as the eyes, do they not?

In our next article we examine how far we have really come in protecting women’s eyes and vision as they continue their quest for the perfect flutter. We will also take a look at the current status of one particular aspect of the eye enhancement industry: Eyelash Extensions.

Xtreme Eye Lashes New Growth Serum


Amplif•eyeThe new AMPLIF·eye™ Lash & Brow Fortifier is a healthy and nourishing, drug-free formula that works when it comes to building your lashes and brows larger, greater, or stronger. The Lash & Brow Fortifier’s highly concentrated formula of fortifying peptides and nourishing botanical extracts are suspended in an innovative liposomal delivery system to get to the root of thin, short, gray, and sparse lashes and brows.

• Fortified and nourished follicles produce healthy lashes and brows that look longer, thicker, darker and more plentiful.
• Revolutionary Peptide Technology
Three powerful peptide complexes (14 total peptides) replenish amino acid levels – fortifying and rejuvenating the hair follicle.
• 10 Nourishing Botanical Extracts
Anti-oxidant and vitamin rich natural extracts of Green Tea, Borage, Saw Palmetto, Evening Primrose, Nettle, Rosemary Leaf, Ginseng, Apple, Sugar Cane and Witch Hazel nourish and restore lashes and brows.
• Highly Concentrated Formula
The highest concentration of amino-acid rich peptides and nourishing botanical extracts for maximum results.
• Innovative Liposomal Delivery System 
Liposomal delivery system facilitates the passage of the ingredients into the follicle where lash and brow production occurs.
• Drug-free, Prostaglandin-Free
Fortify, nourish and rejuvenate your lashes and brows without the risk of harmful, drug-related side effects.
• Compatible with Xtreme Lashes® Eyelash Extensions
Clear, oil-free gel formula specifically developed for eyelash extensions. Longer, thicker, more plentiful natural lashes create an even stronger foundation for eyelash extension application.
AMPLIF•eye™ was developed to be synergistic with Xtreme Lashes® Eyelash Extensions. Used nightly, AMPLIF•eye™ fortifies and nourishes the natural lashes, creating a stronger and healthier foundation for eyelash extension application.
Warning: Wait 48 hours after eyelash extension application before applying AMPLIF•eye™. It takes 48 hours for the adhesive to cure (dry) thoroughly and yield a strong, durable bond. During this time, the adhesive bond is vulnerable to moisture, steam, excessive heat, cosmetic ingredients coming into contact with the adhesive bond, and friction from rubbing and cleansing.
Learn how to apply the serum and how it works.
Watch the Video
Available here at Studio Lashem-n-Leavem
#6 Palmetto Shopping Village
Amelia Island, Fl 32034

Why have your eyebrows tattooed?

Eyebrow pigmentation procedure

Eyebrow pigmentation procedureEyebrow tattooing is a cosmetic procedure.  Technically it is called intra-dermal micro pigmentation, that uses pigments or dyes or inks in a similar fashion that artistic tattoos are done. Using a needle inserted in a tattoo gun with ink or pigment, the doctor or aesthetician or tattoo artist moves across the brow with the vibrating needle and implants the color under the skin.

If it is only implanted in the top layer it is considered semi-permanent, if it goes into the second layer it is permanent just like any other type of tattoo. This procedure must be done by a qualified and reputable technician and under hygienic conditions.

Why have your eyebrows tattooed?

The wonderful thing about eyebrow tattooing is that it can correct flawed eyebrows, shape brows that are not to your liking, make absent or hairless brow areas appear to have hair, and accentuate the eyes and face, and with little effort an eyebrow tattoo puts an end to having to draw on eyebrows each day. It’s also possible to sleep and work and swim and awaken or come out of the water with perfect brows.

However be sure you understand that an eyebrow tattoo is a delicate procedure that requires skill to do correctly and also requires the correct instruments, needles and equipment.
It also demands the application of anesthetic to keep you comfortable before and during the operation, be it a topical cream or spray or some kind of anesthesia to dull the pain.

Then, once you have received your permanent eyebrow tattoo you will need to be sure that your care provider has given you what you need to heal properly and that the brow region will not become needlessly infected.

Newly tattooed eyebrows need to be cared for and guarded from infection and it is also imperative that you return to visit your cosmetician at least once for a post-operation assessment of healing and perhaps even some touchups.