CLIENT PRAISE for Lashem-n-Leavem

At Lashem-n-Leavem we realize that not every woman wants her friends and family to know that her eye lashes are not the ones she received from Mother Nature or genetics. As more and more celebrities frequent an XTREME Lashes trained and licensed consultant however, more women are inclined to share their “secret”.

The personal experiences of others who have had their eyelash extension procedure done at Lashem-n-Leavem, is just one way to be confident you are making the best possible choice for yourself. Please read the comments from a growing number of Lashem-n-Leavem clients and feel free to call for a referral, as many of our clients are more than happy to discuss with you what it is like to have the Lash Application Procedure performed by us, as well as what it is like to wear Extreme Eyelash Extensions.

Customer names have been suppressed to protect customer privacy.

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5 Star – Oct 22, 2018 – Fill fast –Kim gets my lashes looking great in an hour! ❤️ Fastest full fills ever at very comparable prices. Highly recommend. Customer since September 2018

5 Star – Oct 18, 2018 – Simply the Best – I have tried many and Kim is the best by far. My lashes have fooled people into thinking they are real. Customer since August 2014

5 Star – Sep 21, 2018 – Perfection – Kim is concisely perfect every visit. Her lashes are natural looking. Kim is a true artist at her craft! Customer since August 2014

5 Star – Aug 25, 2018 – Awesome first time lashes! – Since it was the first time I had ever had lashes done, I was a bit nervous, but Kim was wonderful! She explained everything to me and made me feel so comfortable. She was great throughout the entire process and I really enjoyed chatting with her as well! I love my new lashes and will definitely be back again… why did I wait so long to try this?! Kim made it so easy!!  Customer since August 2018

5 Star – Jul 7, 2018 – Highly recommend – Love Kim’s work! My lashes always look great and last longer than others! She’s always on time and accommodating with schedules. Customer since November 2017

5 Star – Jun 10, 2018 – Perfection Overtime – I have been with Kim for the past 4 years. I had tried others…her lashes are the most natural and long lasting lashes I have had. Her lashes even fooled my eye doctor, who asked me if I use Latisse? No!!. Customer since August 2014

5 Star – Jun 7, 2018 – Love my Xtreme lashes! – I just moved to the area and have had Xtreme lashes in the past, as well as an off-brand. I always loved the Xtreme lashes far more than the other ones. And Kim did a great job, and made the experience very relaxing and comfortable. I’m grateful to have this great gal here to do my lashes with the best product on the market. Customer since May 2018
5 Star – Sep 8, 2017 • The best! – I can definitely recommend this shop. Kim does a fantastic job and is just very friendly and a genuinely nice person. – Customer since July 2017

5 Star – August 4, 2017 • Always a pleasant experience! – Kim is professional and always cheers me up. Will continue to go to her business. She has great ideas concerning other products. She is honest and a very special person. I can trust her and know she will do an excellent job. – Customer since July 2016

5 Star – Jun 23, 2017 • Awesome! – She is the Best in all of North Florida!!!! People often ask if I use Latisse. Kim is very professional and accommodating – Customer since August 2014

5 Star –  May 15, 2017 • Fantastic Job! – Kim does a fantastic job Dermaplaning! Fast and thorough ! I love that it’s very easy to get an appointment! – Customer since November 2016
5 Star  – May 13, 2017 • Kim is the best! – I have been to 4 or 5 different eyelash professionals and I can tell you that Kim does an excellent job. I would recommend her to anyone. I love my eyelashes!!! – Customer since March 2012

5 Star – April 10, 2017  • Great service – Love the work and the person performing it. She’s great. Kim takes care to offer comfort and satisfaction in all areas. I completely trust her with my face. She hasn’t failed me yet. – Customer since August 2015

Very good – Professional and very competent. Excellent results. Reasonably priced. Appointment set with no problem. Personable and cheerful. – Customer since November 2016  

Perfect – Kim always does a wonderful job. My eye lashes look natural. I always get very nice comments about how pretty my eye lashes are. – Customer since August 2014

Love my lashes! – Kim did a great job of satisfying this customer! I am new to eyelash extensions and they look great. No more mascara for me! – Customer since September 2016

Awesome – Kim is the best I have ever tried. My lashes last longer too…up to 3 1/2 to 4 weeks! They look very natural! – Customer since August 2014

Thrilled with my service! – Kim was wonderful. She is very personable and made me feel completely comfortable. I am so happy with my new lashes. It is so nice not to even have to bother with putting on mascara. I lead an active lifestyle and love not having to worry about mascara running/flaking into my eyes or smudge down my face. Well worth the money for those things alone not to mention that my eyes look amazing even without any makeup at all! – Customer since August 2016

Could not be happier – I was worried when I moved to the area that I would have to commute back to va to continue with my eyelash extensions. Finding Kim was sheer luck and she does an amazing job – my eyelashes have never looked better and the application is absolutely painless. I’m absolutely thrilled with the results. – Customer since July 2016

I love my lashes – This was my second time getting lash extensions and first time at lashem-n-leavem. I love how they turned out and will continue to go back for fill-ins. Would recommend to anyone looking for the chance to not have to put mascara on every day! – Customer since July 2016

Lashes! – Kim always does a great job with a very very natural look. Even my eye doctor did not know they weren’t my own. – Customer since August 2014

Beautiful – I had lash extension previously and was very excited, nervous about trying it again. Kim did an excellent job and so far, I am so happy with the outcome! Thank you! – Customer since August 2013

Awesomeness – I have had lash extensions before, they do not compare to what Kim has done for me, I feel and look beautiful. Kim really cares how your results turn out. Thank you and I’ll see you next month and the next, and next etc. – Customer since February 2016

I love my new look – Kim has once again provided me with wonderful service. I love it. She is very professional and personal. – Customer since August 2015

Fabulous service – Kim is very professional does a wonderful job and takes great pride in her work I will use her again and again I feel very comfortable and assured that I will have very safe work done to my face – Customer since August 2015

Fabulous service – Kim is a professional who knows what she’s doing she makes the customer feel very relaxed and does a wonderful job and make sure that you are totally satisfied. I highly recommend it because she is thorough, certified and clean. She makes you relaxed very comfortable. – Customer since August 2015

Love My Lashes! – I love my lashes! My own lashes were beginning to thin out and become sparse and with my extensions they are nice and long and dense. I feel like a new woman every time I get them done! Kim is awesome! And the procedure itself is very relaxing! – Customer since June 2015

Always awesome – This is the best beauty tip I can give. Lashes look totally real. My eye doctor asked me if I use Latisse, He was shocked when I told him they were extensions. Kim is awesome. – Customer since August 2014

Great Lashes – This is such a great service that naturally enhances your look and cuts down (time) in your daily beauty routine. I have had tons of compliments – and they look so real, I just say “thank you” and avoid sharing my secret. Kimberly is very professional and patient with an eye for detail. I highly recommend. I like to have my lashes touched up every 2-3 weeks. So people can go longer, but that is what I prefer. I did my research and this us the best product on the market and worth every penny. – Customer since May 2015

Love ’em – Kim is excellent. A great lady with such attention to detail. Have received tons of compliments. So natural yet glamorous….just try them…you’ll be hooked! – Customer since April 2012

Lashes – Kim is a perfectionist! She does a super job with lashes. She always takes as much time as needed to insure a great outcome. – Customer since June 2012

Best in the area – Awesome job every time !!!!! My lashes look real and add so much expression to my face. Salon also very nice. – Customer since August 2014

Looks Fantastic! – I love my lash extensions done by Kimberly. Her meticulous handiwork has transformed my skimpy lashes into glamor lashes. I’m so thankful I found her! – Customer since June 2014

Great Eye with Meticulous Hands – Kimberly is a perfectionist with meticulous hands when applying lash extensions. After receiving cheap lash extensions from another salon that I couldn’t wait to remove, I was curious to try Xtreme lashes. That’s when I found Kimberly. What a world of difference it makes! The lashes are lighter in weight and Kimberly is wonderful with her application process. She’s so gentle I fell asleep. I admire her for taking her time to do a great job! Love my lashes! – Customer since June 2014

The Perfectionist, Kimberly! – After hesitating for years about permanent eyebrows, I found Kimberly at Lash-em-and-Leave-em. No one realizes I have permanent eyebrows as they appear to be individual hairs! Beautiful work, and I would recommend Kimberly to anyone! Thank you, Kim. – Customer since January 2014

Great Experience – Kim did a great job with my eye lash extensions. They look totally natural and I will be returning to her when it is time for refills. This was a very positive experience for me and I have no hesitation in recommending her services to anyone. – Customer since March 2014

Perfectionist – Kim is doing permanent eye make up on me and I love the results. I don’t wear a lot of make up and my eyes now really pop. Also I used to have had eye lash extensions for about two years. Kim was the best! Now with the permanent make eye liner and brow I don’t need eye lash extensions. Go for it. You will also be happy because Kim will make sure the job is done perfectly for you. – Customer since April 2013

Just fabulous – I have been getting eyelashes regularly for about 3 years in NJ where I also live, and then first from Jeannie and now Kim at Lashem. I am so pleased with the job Kim does. She is very professional and my lashes are really beautiful. Having lashes has changed my life. My morning routine is SO much easier now. Wouldn’t do without them. – Customer since March 2012

Awesomeness!! – I have my basic set applied and one refill done. I simply love my lashes. Kim is professional and very, very good at applying the lashes in that they stand out but still look very natural. – Customer since August 2013

Best beauty buy – Kim is professional and answered all of my concerns and questions. She then applied my basic set of eyelases…Wow! What a difference! Very pretty, natural look. I have not worn mascara or eyeliner since and feel no need! Its surprising how much time that saves in the morning. I’d much rather spend the money on having beautiful eyelashes over artificial nails, for example. Everybody looks at your eyes…thanks Kim, a fun and worthwhile indulgence. – Customer since September 2013

Eyelashes – An amazingly special experience. Kim is a true artist attaching my lashes one by one to absolute perfection. Very professional and detailed. I am so happy!! Thank you for my beautiful eyelashes! – Customer since April 2013