Does Micro Current Therapy Work?

Before and after Microcurrent therapyJudge for yourself in these pictures if micro current therapy works. It’s absolutely amazing. I had a client come to Lashem-n-Leavem’s studio requesting information regarding MicroCurrent therapy. Usually, I will provide a free “sample” treatment to clients who are genuinely interested in purchasing a series. The purpose is to determine up front, before the client spends money on this therapy, whether they will have results. The client’s goal was to firm and tone the abdomen after several pregnancies. I decided to perform a “test” treatment first.

After taking the before photos, I performed a 40 minute Microcurrent abdominal treatment and upon completion, I took the after photos. The results achieved in just one session were nothing short of amazing. (See Photos at the bottom) As a therapy for toning and tightening muscle and skin this particular procedure continues to impress and amaze me.

The Science

The scientific community proved over 150 years ago that the body generates electrical current. “…first experimentally observed by Dubois-Reymond in 1843, where approximately 1 microampere of current was measured from a wound in human skin. 120 years later, the current generated by the amputated stump of a child’s finger tip had been measured. These stump currents were found to be within the range of 10-30 microamps per square centimeter. Their findings were repeated by several researchers although only recently have we been able to understand the implications of these findings and to therapeutically apply these microcurrents” (Yau & Sheng).

Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) is what the body produces as energy. When, by means of microcurrent therapy, 500 amperes of current are introduced in a human body, the ability to generate ATP was increased. At higher frequencies, the production of ATP was reduced ( With this discovery, microcurrent began to be used to effectively treat a host of physical ailments including wound healing and bone repair. However, conditions and responses are frequency specific. The frequency used for skin and muscle rejuvenation and tightening are so low that they do not stimulate nerve cells and therefore the procedure is painless.

Other therapies exist claiming the results and my clients have tried them all: endermologie, thermage, Zerona Laser and others with limited success. Microcurrent Therapy is the single most effective non-invasive anti-aging procedure. If you have questions or would like to book an appointment for your “free sample” of microcurrent therapy, call me and I will be happy to set up an appointment for consultation.

Before and After Microcurrent Therapy

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