After Care Advice

One of the worst, most destructive enemies of lash extensions is mechanical friction. It is imperative that one learns not “handle” the lashes or touch the eye area unless absolutely necessary. Sleeping on your face, scrubbing or rubbing the eyes with your hands or terry cloth wash cloths or any other mechanical trauma to the area can loosen the bond.

This does not mean that you cannot clean your lashes. If done properly you can clean and even apply mascara and other cosmetics. Xtremelashes™ Makeup Remover and Cleanser along with lint-free applicators are the perfect combination for keeping your lashes and the extensions clean and intact. These products are available from Lashem-n-Leavem along with instructions as to proper use.

Be sure to avoid the use of any oil based products such as creams, petroleum jelly, lotions, etc. as these will loosen the adhesive bond. Also sauna, steam and excessive perspiring (sweat) should be minimized to the extent possible to prevent dissolving of the adhesive’s bond.

Any brand of mascara that is labeled “waterproof” or has the properties of waterproof mascara cannot be used with the lashes as this too will dissolve the adhesive bond as do the creams needed to remove the mascara when cleaning.

Although the wearing of mascara is not necessary while wearing lash extensions, if you choose to wear additional lash makeup, be sure to use a mascara that is compatible with the lash extensions. If you wish to wear mascara with your lash extensions, the types of mascara compatible with the lashes will be discussed during your initial consultation.
Mascara, eye makeup remover, lint free applicators, eyeliner and even heated lash curlers can be purchased that are designed for use with Eyelash Extensions.

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