Long Lashes are The Ultimate Bridal Accessory

Eye candy for the picturesTHE  latest addition to the bridal beauty regimen is professional, elegant eyelash extensions with special bridal design. Let your eyelashes frame and highlight the beauty in your eyes with lashes so thick and full they are are visible in your wedding photos. As a bride-to-be you will put a lot of thought, planning, time and energy into how you look on your wedding day.

It is true that the amount of detail you place into makeup selection and design will have direct impact on your wedding day beauty. And, not to forget, this will also have an effect on how you, the Bride, appear in your own wedding photos.
Don’t let your personal wedding day ensemble be incomplete or regret that you did not give that attention to detail that makes all the difference.
Exquisite, memorable wedding day Bridal photos start with long, beautiful eyelashes by your Specially Trained and Certified EyeLash Design Expert.
For additional photos and wedding day ideas such as bridal crystals, lash colors, thicknesse and curvatures go to: www.xtremelash.com


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  1. I loved having my lashes. Wish Jeannie was closer to me so I could have them all the time.

    If you have to budget for your wedding you won’t regret making room for this item in your wedding must haves. Its better than a facial it last longer. 🙂

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