Misconceptions versus Real Options

Amy S full treatmentWhen unqualified individuals enter the eyelash extension field using inferior, inappropriate or unsafe application supplies, equipment and technique, the results not only look clumped, cheap and horrible but can do serious damage to the natural lashes and in the case of adhesive, even harm the health of the eyes themselves.

Many clients who’ve experienced bad applications and have come to Lashem-n-Leavem’s Studio asking for help with their painful eyelash extensions. The pain comes from the natural lashes being glued and matted together instead of properly isolated and applied one lash extension to one natural eyelash.

One phrase I hear over and again from some of these clients and even those wearing the cheaper version of lash extensions without problems (yet) is “Oh, these ARE one-to-one!”  But when I examine them under my magnifier and headlight they are clumped, matted and the technician’s lack of patience or skill or both in isolation and application technique becomes obvious.

It is without exception that I find multiple places where one lash extension is attached to 2, 3 and even 4 natural lashes. This causes itching, pain, redness and swelling. Some clients even mistakenly believe they are “allergic” to the lashes when in fact it is simply bad technique. The pain and discomfort has led many a client to pull out their own lashes leaving bald spots on the eyelid and broken natural lashes.
Those of us who are true eyelash extension application professionals have concerns that the Industry will be able survive the assault on quality and safety as these cheaper, harmful applications become more and more common and so many women indiscriminately continue to seek out a cheap inferior work product.

Misconceptions Shroud the True Options

I recently saw an eyelash extension review on a day spa message board written by bkkgirl that is typical of what is experienced by someone who has had poor eyelash application technique. The post is copied here:

“But the WORST problem with eyelash extensions is it makes your natural lashes fall out, too. So your lashes become very sparse and thin, and you might even get bald spots. For me, I was only able to do 2 refills, and on my 3rd time back, she said she could not do it for me since I had no more thick lashes for her to attach the fake lashes to. All my lashes became thin! It took a while for them to grow back in, and I had to use some lash conditioner I bought on Ebay to help them grow back. Now they did not tell you about this last problem. I even asked before I started it, and she said it was not a problem.  However based on hearing from the other members on this board, apparently that technician lied. A lot of girls lost their lashes after having a few extensions done. 
So save yourself a big hassle, and just say no to eyelash extensions. Not worth the money, the time, or the baldness of your eyelids. You really do look ridiculous with some lashes long and some short (your natural ones), and some hanging drunkenly when it was about to fall out.”

What a discouraging story! This posting sums up the reason why the professional, skilled eyelash stylists using safe and hygienic technique are concerned about where this Industry is headed. How can we continue to provide good, safe care at a price that reflects the quality of our labor intensive, skillful artistry without having the unskilled – and yes I am going to say it – cheap stylists do our branding for us?

Even lash extension stylists that claim to be well-trained and use only the “best” (think review post above) are actually poor representatives for the Eyelash Extension Industry. While I have no doubt that bkkgirl did look ridiculous with her refills and suffered the damage she describes, it is absolutely not true of all eyelash extension applications or technicians.

Please feel free to browse this website and read the testimonials from our clients and look at the before and after photos of our work.

Below I will provide a storyboard (with art!) of one client’s journey from cheap, damaging lashes to the restoration of her damaged natural lashes, and finally, the application of a full, lightweight non-damaging set of eyelash extensions.


Amy’s Lash Story

I received a phone call from Amy S. describing for me her cheap salon eyelash nightmare that resulted in pain (literally) and frustration. Amy asked if I would examine her natural lashes and existing application to see if anything could be done to gently remove the matted cluster that was glued to her eyes like a caterpillar, without causing any further loss and breakage.

From here I will let the 5 photographs speak:

1. This first photo is Amy S. the first day she came into Lashem-n-Leavem’s Lash Extension Studio. As you can see, her own natural lashes are being tugged, matted and broken by the false lashes. In addition, there are bald places on her lid.


2. The second and third photo are shots of the pieces and fractions of “lashes” after removal. The third set of photos is what was left of Amy’s own lashes. They are thin, broken with bald spots, frail but some do remain. I placed Amy S. on Xtremelashes™ Amplify Lash Growth Serum.  Amy applied the serum every morning and evening over the next eight (8) weeks.

Amy after lash removals

After 8 Weeks of serum treatment

3. The fourth photo is of Amy’s lashes after eight (8) weeks on the serum*.

Amy S lash treatment

4. Finally, the last photo is of Amy’s lashes with a very light and airy set of lashes from Lashem-N-Leavem meticulous technique, especially lightweight lashes and the best adhesive available in the Industry, Amy will be able to keep her beautiful natural lashes and the extensions…

Amy's lashes after full treatment

* Not everyone will have same results in quality, quantity or timeframe of lash regrowth.

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