MRI Safety and Permanent Cosmetics

We love doing eyelash extension procedures for our clients here at Lashem-n-Leavem Eyelash Extensions & Facial Beauty! Through the years we have learned that our clients also enjoy the effect of “complete beauty” when we add a well designed, artistically applied set of permanent makeup eyebrows. The combination of Eyelash Extensions and Permanent Cosmetic eyebrows results in a truly transformational facial beauty enhancement.

Occasionally clients will ask regarding the safety of having an MRI procedure after having permanent cosmetics applied. This is, in fact, an excellent question and we are happy to provide the most accurate and up to date information on that topic.

To put in a nutshell for you what the articles in below links basically state, is that MRI reactions or burns associated with Permanent Cosmetics implanted into the skin are extremely rare and only occur with metal based pigments. Most pigments are organic (plant based) in nature and those that are not, are usually the bright cadmium red and cadmium yellows used in tattooing but NOT in permanent makeup (who puts bright yellow on the face or red on brows and eyelids?).
Some black pigments do contain iron oxide, which is a non-organic source containing traces of metal that might be the culprit in what few rare occasions patients have described as a “tingling” or slight burning sensation.

However, a thorough MRI pre-screening on the part of your doctor or radiologist would alert the radiology technician to the permanent makeup/pigment implantation. Technicians are trained to deal with these potential complications and closely monitor you during the procedure. The articles below describe the steps taken were this to occur with no residual negative effects or outcome.


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