Permanent Cosmetics

Permanent Cosmetic Results

We offer the following Permanent Cosmetics Services:

• Hairstroke Brows 
Each individual Hairstroke is placed beneath the skin for naturalness and beauty. Hand artistry is involved as well as perfection in design.Topical anesthetics applied before, during & after your procedure.

• Permanent Eyeliner: 
Top and bottom application; includes touch ups for one year from original date of service.

• Permanent Eyeliner: Top or bottom-1 lid only; includes touch ups for one year from date of original service. Lashem-n-leavem clients only.

• Creation of Solid Eye Brows: We’re not using
 Hairstroke artistry in this service. Solid line a procedure often used in corrective procedures or in cases of very thin line Brows,

• Eyebrow embroidery: 
Hand method, semi permanent makeup, in which pigment is tapped into the skin by hand by a lifting technique using a disposable manual tool.

• Lip liner for accentuation.

For more in depth information on Permanent Cosmetics go to our blog story HERE

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After Care and Consent Form

Please download and if necessary print both the Permanent Cosmetics Home Care Instructions-1 and PC Consent Form

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