Permanent Cosmetics

Permanent Cosmetics or Permanent Makeup

• Hairstroke Brows ($650.00)
Each individual Hairstroke is placed beneath the skin for naturalness and beauty. Hand artistry is involved as well as perfection in design.Topical anesthetics applied before, during & after your procedure.

• Eyeliner ($475.00)
Top and bottom-price includes touch ups for one yr from original date of service.

• Eyeliner ($375.00)
Top or bottom-1 lid only. Price includes touch ups for one year from date of original service.

• Solid brows ($450.00)
Not using Hairstroke artistry. This is often used in corrective procedures or in cases of very thin line brows.

• Lip liner ($575.00)

• Eyebrow embroidery ($300.00)
Hand method, semi permanent makeup, in which pigment is tapped into the skin by hand by a lifting technique using a disposable manual tool.

• Touch ups. Performed within One year of original application are at no charge. Lashem-n-leavem clients only.

Cash and Credit Cards accepted.
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