Misconceptions versus Real Options

Amy S full treatmentWhen unqualified individuals enter the eyelash extension field using inferior, inappropriate or unsafe application supplies, equipment and technique, the results not only look clumped, cheap and horrible but can do serious damage to the natural lashes and in the case of adhesive, even harm the health of the eyes themselves.

Many clients who’ve experienced bad applications and have come to Lashem-n-Leavem’s Studio asking for help with their painful eyelash extensions. The pain comes from the natural lashes being glued and matted together instead of properly isolated and applied one lash extension to one natural eyelash.

One phrase I hear over and again from some of these clients and even those wearing the cheaper version of lash extensions without problems (yet) is “Oh, these ARE one-to-one!”  But when I examine them under my magnifier and headlight they are clumped, matted and the technician’s lack of patience or skill or both in isolation and application technique becomes obvious. Continue reading “Misconceptions versus Real Options”