Anti-Aging Through Facial Artistry

Lashem and Leavem Aging SolutionsIn my business I offer eyelash extension procedures, permanent cosmetics, micro current skin tightening for face and body and dermatological anti-aging skin care regimens that effectively reduce fine lines, wrinkles and hyper pigmentation.

Many women make appointments to come in for a first time beauty consultation. Often the client will say; “tell me what you would recommend for me, what would you do different to make me look better (or younger)?”
A loaded question, wouldn’t you say?
I have learned the safest thing to do is answer that question with a question:  “If you could change anything at all about your appearance, what would it be?”
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Permanent Eyebrows: You Get What You Paid For

lashem-n-leavem facial contouring and perfection
lashem-n-leavem facial contouring and perfection“Permanent cosmetics”… just the term already sounds scary. When searching for a technician who is going to implant “permanent” color into the skin of your face one cannot do too much research, planning and preparing.
There are permanent makeup technicians and salons charging less for applications that appear solid as though they were placed with a magic marker. Don’t forget sometimes the old adage is true, you get what you pay for.

What is it that makes the most beautiful permanent cosmetic eyebrows one can possibly have implanted?

The best combination for success includes skill in design, the right equipment, the utmost hygiene and safety and use of the technique known as “Hair stroke artistry”.

I received my Permanent Make Up training and certification from the FL State Certified School of Permanent Cosmetics which uses the Dixon Technique* .

Here is an educational video provided by Dr. Linda Dixon, a true artist and pioneer in this field. it is informative to observe the equipment used with this method and see first-hand the technique used that results in the most natural and beautiful permanent eyebrow effect that can be attained with permanent cosmetics.

Looking at the history of perm cosmetics, my colleague, Mychelle Tulk, a Registered Nurse like myself, has done a beautiful job of providing the history and samples of both good and bad brow design. Enjoy her information by clicking this link:

For an artistically applied procedure and a more beautiful, natural appearance feel free to call or go online to my Genbook appointment calendar and schedule your free permanent makeup eyebrow design consultation at (permanent makeup eyebrows using Hairstroke artistry price: $650.00)

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