What is it that Really Creates Value?

Lashem-n-Leavem Eyelash Extensions Before and After PicturesI recently received a phone call from a woman who identified herself as an esthetician and who, quite abruptly, began a dart-like inquiry into my eyelash business asking why it was I felt that my eyelash extension procedures were better than any of the other stylists in the area.

It was obvious from the question that she had not seen my work or she would not have wasted her time or mine bringing this up. But I decided to patiently indulge her. So I began formulating a polite but articulate response attempting to describe my many years of experience and the quality that I put into my work, as I was certain this would satisfy her and settle the whole matter. Unfortunately, it did not.

The reason it could not have satisfied her became clearer to me as she progressed in her inquisition. There was no real curiosity or interest in hearing any response I might offer.

I could not get more than three words out before she would hurl another verbal dart disguised as a question and then another and then another. In each instance, I would get about 3-5 words in before I was rudely interrupted.

Finally, I decided I had enough and that this one-sided conversation was a waste of time and needed to end. So again, with a kind tone and polite words I invited her to visit my informative and very comprehensive (with pictures!) website.

But instead of making it all quietly go away, it was at this point she hotly exclaimed that I was “refusing” to give her the information she sought.

By now, the hostility from the other end felt like it was physically coming through my cell phone like moist warm spit onto the skin of my cheek!

I remember thinking, “Why on earth is this woman so angry?”  I admit I was quite perplexed as to what would drive a complete stranger to call up another person’s business, identify themselves and the business they are calling from by name and then begin to hurl arrogant inquiries that sound very similar to accusations.

While listening to her, it was evident that she possessed considerable experience and skill in verbal warfare and probably very few have been able to out spar this woman in cutting words and sharp expressionist combat.

At the same time, it was odd that in my heart I could almost feel myself chuckle. And it might have turned audible except for the fact that I simultaneously felt sorry for her.

But wait, why would I, even for one moment, feel sorry for someone who obviously has serious personality issues?

After hanging up… or rather being hung up on… I thought of all the things in life for which I am grateful. There are so many things in my personal and professional life that bring me joy everyday.

Of the many things that give me joy, one of is my eyelash extension business and my perfect clients. It’s not just that I make women look more beautiful each and every day that I show up for work that brings me such joy. It is also that my clients are the perfect customers. They love it that I make them look and feel more beautiful. They are appreciative and they show it regularly. I receive thank you gifts, spontaneous emails of appreciation, delightful reviews and so, so many word-of-mouth referrals.

My clients happily pay for their procedures and demonstrate their loving trust in me when they permit me the privilege being in their personal space to work on delicate areas of their face and eyes. How can I not be happy? And how could I not feel sorry for someone who clearly doesn’t understand this?

In retrospect my guess is that that esthetician, who shall remain nameless, must be in the eyelash extension business. And maybe, just a speculating maybe, she lost eyelash extension customers to my business, Lashem-n-Leavem.

Does that sound a bit too conceited? I hope not. But if you think so, think of this: Business is about 50% what you do and 50% how you treat the people who purchase what you do. So, no matter the level skill in eyelash extension procedures or permanent makeup, or house painting, plumbing, owning a restaurant, or whatever it is you do, in the end no one wants to go to a place and engage in business or spend their hard earned dollars with a business or person who does not emanate genuine, welcoming warmth and kindness. From experience I can tell you, it may not be what brings them through your door the first time, but it is what will keep them coming back.

The strength of our success is directly related to the value we offer. And half or more of the value we offer resides in how we treat people, how we make them feel while they are in our presence.In order for us to attract our perfect customers, our care and concern for them must be evident and come from the heart.

And this, my professional friends, is true value.

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