Why have your eyebrows tattooed?

Eyebrow pigmentation procedureEyebrow tattooing is a cosmetic procedure.  Technically it is called intra-dermal micro pigmentation, that uses pigments or dyes or inks in a similar fashion that artistic tattoos are done. Using a needle inserted in a tattoo gun with ink or pigment, the doctor or aesthetician or tattoo artist moves across the brow with the vibrating needle and implants the color under the skin.

If it is only implanted in the top layer it is considered semi-permanent, if it goes into the second layer it is permanent just like any other type of tattoo. This procedure must be done by a qualified and reputable technician and under hygienic conditions.

Why have your eyebrows tattooed?

The wonderful thing about eyebrow tattooing is that it can correct flawed eyebrows, shape brows that are not to your liking, make absent or hairless brow areas appear to have hair, and accentuate the eyes and face, and with little effort an eyebrow tattoo puts an end to having to draw on eyebrows each day. It’s also possible to sleep and work and swim and awaken or come out of the water with perfect brows.

However be sure you understand that an eyebrow tattoo is a delicate procedure that requires skill to do correctly and also requires the correct instruments, needles and equipment.
It also demands the application of anesthetic to keep you comfortable before and during the operation, be it a topical cream or spray or some kind of anesthesia to dull the pain.

Then, once you have received your permanent eyebrow tattoo you will need to be sure that your care provider has given you what you need to heal properly and that the brow region will not become needlessly infected.

Newly tattooed eyebrows need to be cared for and guarded from infection and it is also imperative that you return to visit your cosmetician at least once for a post-operation assessment of healing and perhaps even some touchups.


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