You Do WHAT with Eyelashes…?

Eye LashesPeople often have this reaction when I tell them what I do. How does someone fall into the Eyelash Extension Application business anyway?

Can any mature woman out there relate to the loss of eyelashes and eyebrow hair as age creeps in or menopause (natural or surgical) robs us of the physical features we have come to take for granted, those hallmarks of youth and beauty; long, full sets of eyelashes and beautifully contoured, thick and luscious eyebrows.

Well, then I do not need to explain why I was sitting in my living room on the couch with my Mac Airbook in my lap “Googling” keywords like “thinning eyebrows” “longer eyelashes” and “facial hair transplant”. I was almost frantically scouring that one eyed monster for any hope of a solution to my fading beauty quandary.

It was on that fateful day that I received quite an education on eyelash extensions, something I had never even heard of before. I learned what they are, how they’re applied, what makes them safe or unsafe, as well as their amazing ability to give the appearance of restoring at least some of that “Fountain” that was no longer bubbling forth much “Youth”.

And…it is not only the mature women who love and appreciate the look of long luscious lashes. Just one perusal of an Allure, Glamour, Self or other model-laden magazine and you come to realize that these girls couldn’t all have been born with those lashes! I know their precious little secret… Eyelash Extensions… and the good, non-damaging kind at that!

So I decided to go out and get the best training I could find in the marketplace. I passed through several levels of training with Xtremelashes ™( I then practiced until I saw eyelashes in my sleep.

I quickly became proficient at safely making other women’s eyes more youthful and beautiful and in the process became the only Directory Level Certified Eyelash Stylist in NE Florida and Southern Georgia.

In coming articles we’ll go a bit more into the difference between the “good”, the “bad” and the “ugly” when choosing the best, safest and most beautiful lash extensions in the Industry.


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